O mai – Ha Noi’s delicious nosh
In the past, visitors always bought boxes of salted or sugared dry fruits on Hang Duong Street as gifts.
Fried tiny shrimp served with dry pancakes
The Mekong Delta, a large area in southern Viet Nam, is where the Mekong River empties into the sea. Thanks to the alluvium of the Mekong River, this region has…
Lotus stem salad
Lotus stem salad   (Sep 18, 2017)
As a refreshing dish for hot days, the lotus stem salad is healthy, vibrant, delicious and certainly crunchy.
Gio sausage roll: meat pounded to perfection
If rice is a staple of Vietnamese daily meals, then gio (Vietnamese sausage) is considered the staple of special occasions, such as Tet (the Lunar New Year), wedding parties and ancestors’ death anniversary.
7 things to buy in a Vietnamese market
Viet Nam's diverse markets stretch from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City to offer a very unique shopping experience. A walk around the Vietnamese markets gives a perfect opportunity to see some exotic, wondrous and crazy delights.
Clam and star fruit soup   (Sep 11, 2017)
Clam and star fruit soup
Each region in Viet Nam has different terrains, soil and climate that provide abundant sources of food for the locals. In summer, when the harvest of clams and star fruit begin, the locals in the central region often cook a sour soup using these two ingredients.
Thorn leaf cake - A rustic cake of Hai Duong
'Banh gai' or thorn leaf cake is an inexpensive but very delicious food, popular in the northern province of Hai Duong. The cake has long been an traditional offering at festivals and a traditional gift at longevity parties.
Lotus seed sweet soup – the essence of Ha Noi cuisine
Summer is the time for colourful flowers to bloom in Ha Noi, and the lotus – Viet Nam’s national flower – is one of the most beautiful. When lotus flower season hits in June, it is time for Hanoians to start cooking something refreshing and healthy to keep themselves cool in the summer weather. When it comes to heat-relieving foods, lotus seeds sweet soup is…
The taste of Ha Noi’s autumn   (Sep 05, 2017)
The taste of Ha Noi’s autumn
Ha Noi’s autumn is also the season for com or young sticky rice flakes. Com can be eaten directly or enjoyed with bananas like a snack. It can also be mixed with other food ingredients to create a variety of tasty dishes, including cha com (Vietnamese com sausage) and com xao (browned green sticky rice).
6 dishes you will want to taste in Viet Nam
Whether it is a hot bowl of pho or fresh veggie rolls, every dish that is tasted on the Viet Nam holiday is certain to be wondrous. A great aspect of the Vietnamese cuisine is that it has a strong emphasis on fresh vegetables to make it quite healthy. Plus, it has zesty and fresh flavours that are sourced from basil, ginger, lemon, lime and…
Tasting delicious white rose cake in Hoi An
One of the best street foods in the ancient city of Hoi An in Viet Nam that visitors should not miss when traveling to this ancient town is 'Vac' cake (dubbed as White Rose), which is made from simple ingredients of rice flour and fresh shrimp.
Banh gio – A Traditional Food from Ha Noi
Though different from pho in many ways, there is one trait banh gio (pyramid-shaped rice dumpling) shares with this popular dish: Hanoians can eat each of them at any time of the day. A plate of steaming banh gio sold at a stall on a street corner can be a quick breakfast. It can also be a decent mid-afternoon snack.
Sweet tofu pudding - A delicious dessert of Vietnamese people
'Tao pho' (sweet tofu pudding) is a very common and popular sweet dessert made from soy beans. Tofu pudding has the smooth, creamy texture of a light flan, but the taste of soy milk.
Grapefruit pudding   (Jul 31, 2017)
Grapefruit pudding
Grapefruit pudding is a popular dessert in Can Tho City. Although this dish is widely available all over Viet Nam, the porridge made in Can Tho has a special flavor that can be found nowhere else.
Stewed banana with tofu   (Jul 19, 2017)
Stewed banana with tofu
Vietnamese cuisine doesn't win any points for complexity. Many of dishes can be made using materials and ingredients that can be found right in the garden, and “chuoi dau om” is one of the most popular.