Tree Stories

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Ban do
Giao Thong
Giao Thong

Danh lam thang canh
Di tich
Bao tang
Le hoi

Chi dan du lich
Khach san
Nha hang
Quay Luu Niem
Giai Tri

Ngan Hang
Dien thoai can thiet
Buu Chinh Vien Thong
Giao Thong




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Climate in Hue is different from the Northern and Southern. The climate is harsh and fundamental between provinces in City.

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In the coast and delta, the climate is divided into two distinguished seasons: The dry season (from March to August) with the highest temperature is 39,90 C. The rainy season (from August to January the next) with the average temperature is 19,70 C, the lowest temperature is 8,80 C. This season, there is usually daily rain, may be lengthening a week.

In the mountainous region, the climate is cooler, the lowest temperature is 90 C and the highest is 290 C.

Tourists should chose to travel to Hue in the dry season. However, the rainy season has also its attraction. You can walk under rain to fell endless of heaven and earth, poetry of love and life. You also go to restaurant to enjoy hot taste of Hue special dishes. Particularly, you can see drizzle in Hue during some weeks.

If you do not like rain in Hue, you can visit Da Nang, 100km south of Hue to enjoy sunbathing. Although, in this season you will have several nice days between rainy days.